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The Best Coffee Shops That Serve Espresso

While you can usually get a cup of regular coffee at an espresso bar, you may not always be able to get espresso at a coffee shop, or a restaurant that serves coffee. Here’s a list of coffee shops usually find near you that serve espresso:

Espresso Coffee Near Me

Aside from the map above, there are numerous free and low-cost smartphone apps that will help you achieve your cafe dreams. Whether you’re looking for a coffee shop that offers free WiFi, a cozy nook for reading, downtown parking, or drive-thru options, the following mobile programs will help you decipher which coffee shops you’ll want to spend your hard-earned money at. If you’re already longing for that latte, thirsting for that tea, craving that cup of coffee, or hankering for that hot mocha, they will help you find the perfect cafe near you.

FindMeCoffeefind coffee shop near app

FindMeCoffee is a smart-phone software that allows you to search for espresso coffee shops near you by typing in your location.When using it try to refine your search by options such as parking availability, organic options, and WiFi access. You can even find out if the cafe features its own locally-roasted beans. The easy-to-use platform also allows you to read customer reviews, both the good and the bad, so that you can be sure your espresso experience will be above and beyond.

Coffee Finder Procoffee finder

Formerly known as Find a Starbucks, this  utility recently expanded its search options to various other cafes because, quite frankly, not everyone loves Starbucks, especially if you prefer a more low-key, local venue. Similarly to FindMeCoffee, Coffee Finder Pro allows you to also refine your search options by drive-thru, WiFi availability, parking, etc. Like FindMeCoffee, it searches coffee shops locally and pins your location automatically using GPS instead of making you type it in, possibly getting you there faster. However, this app does not offer reviews, so you will not know what kind of coffee conundrum you could be getting yourself into.

Beanhunterfind me coffee shop

Unlike the previous two coffee shop search apps, Beanhunter focuses more on the social aspect of going to a cafe. A large reason many of us even go to a cafe instead of a drive-thru is so that we can visit with others and feel welcomed. Thus, just like the previous one, it  also connects to your smartphone’s map feature–getting you where you need to go, and quick. Beanhunter  also allows customers to read and write reviews about the cafes it features, similar to FindMeCoffee. What’s more about this special cafe finder app is that it emphasizes cafe trends through the posting and sharing of photos taken at featured coffee shops. If you’re interested in really seeing the product before you buy it, or visually perusing through the cafe before you have your first date there, then this is for you!

WHA by Work Hard Anywhere

This coffee shop finder  is unique because  it specifically searches for cafes in your area by specific criteria: whether or not they are 1) WiFi equipped and 2) how ideal a place to work hard the cafe really is. Aside from the importance of a delicious beverage, this app focuses on the importance of loving where you work from, specifically loving the local coffee shop you decide to work from. Whether you’re studying for finals, submitting a proposal to your boss, or graphic designing, this app makes sure that the cafe ambiance suits your working style.


If you’re looking primarily to support local business, CUPS is the cafe finder app for you. This cafe finder uses smartphone GPS technology to direct you to locally-owned cafes. By using it, you can save 15% or more off the menu price just by sipping–or shall I say, shopping–locally. Leave your wallet at home and use the pay-as-you go or pre-paid options featured within the app. Furthermore, there are gifting options within  so that easily share your love of coffee and near by cafes with the people you love, too.

Who knew that finding the perfect espresso cafe could be so difficult? Thankfully, with these apps, the process no longer has to be so tedious. Whether you’re trying to find cosy espresso cafe that offers a cool workplace vibe, is locally owned, features organic coffee beans, or has the highest customer reviews, these apps should help make the coffee shop process as smooth as possible and help you find that espresso you’ve been searching  all along.

Make an Espresso at Home:

Many people cannot get out of home without caffeine in their system everyday fixing themselves a cup of morning coffee before heading to work or university. Coffee is a crop cultivated in more than 70 countries all over the world. Millions of people from hundreds of countries consume coffee every day so it’s up to you to imagine just how gigantic this economy really  is.
Now, which among all sorts  sold from different parts of the world is  the most expensive coffee bean? Surely, a coffee lover like you, wants to know? Even if you can’t afford it now, you never know what the future will bring…

The Most Expensive Coffee – Kopi Luwak

Native only to Indonesia, it is  rare  and naturally high-priced. The name  is combined from the two Indonesian worlds – Kopi meaning coffee and Luwak means Civet. Thus, the coffee is sometimes called Civet coffee. It all started with the Dutch people bringing in pure Arabica crops, which were planted in Indonesia’s mountainous regions.

The locals were not allowed to use it but wild civets then would often eat the beans and leave it undigested in their dung. Locals would  then pick it  and made coffee from it. It turned out that these coffee beans are much better than the original Arabica coffee and now one of the rarest, most priced coffees in the world.

Kopi Luwak is a rare coffee bean but because of  high demands, many retailers sell fakes. If you do not want to be scammed, make sure to get it from authorized sellers from Indonesia. Buying cheap is and from unknown sellers is risky, so your best bet are reputable retail stores that sell coffee bean of high quality. Every cup selling at about $40-$80 and sells not at your usual coffee shop, so don’t expect the original brand for less.
Let’s not Forget  Coffee Health Benefits

Are you aware that coffee could actually do more than just giving you the boost you need after waking up? Actually, there are a number of benefits that you get from drinking coffee every day.I mean , before making a switch to herbal tea, please read on what  can  you expect to get when you make coffee drinking a habit:

Reduced and Controlled Gall Stones

The Harvard School of Public Health published recently a research which indicated that consuming not-decaffeinated coffee regularly may basically reduce the risk of gall bladder problem & gall stones not just in men but in women as well.

Reduced Susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease

There were two studies made and one of these was published and posted in the European Journal of Neurology. It showed that people who were drinking around two cups of not-decaffeinated coffee every day will be less prone to Alzheimer’s compared to those people who take a little or no coffee at all.

Controlled Risk to Parkinson’s disease

The researches revealed that the amount of caffeine and coffee consumed can be inversely associated with the possibility for an individual to acquire Parkinson’s. It simply means that the more cups of coffee you consume, the lesser your chances are to develop this kind of disease.

Cancer-fighting Properties & Antioxidants

Coffee is very rich in antioxidants. These are agents which fight free radicals that can cause cancer. Coffee is truly abundant in the compound known as methylpyridinium that cannot be found in most foods and not within the level you can find it in coffee. You will be able to get antioxidants that your body needs from decaffeinated and not-decaffeinated coffee provided that the coffee beans were sufficiently roasted.roasted cofee beans

Boosted Cognitive Capability

Researchers have revealed that regular coffee drinkers usually score significantly higher on the awareness capability tests, spatial reasoning examinations, short-term memory researches and IQ tests. The effects of coffee on the perceptive capability of a person appeared to become more pronounced in older participants in the study and women.

Bowel Stimulation

Coffee is also acting as an effective laxative and stimulant. Some alternative practitioners suggest coffee enemas to stimulate your lower colon. On the other hand, since the coffee is likewise a diuretic and it triggers constipation in a few individuals.

A huge study of more than 45,000 men that has been conducted in more than a twelve-year period revealed the volume of coffee drank was associated with their risk of acquiring gout.

Remember all is good within reason!

 Therefore, while the moderate  coffee drinking comes with its advantages, an excessive amount could trigger problems.Large coffee amounts could result anxiety, irritability, sleep deprivation, higher cholesterol level and c cardiovascular problems. But  not to worry ! Just remember – to make the most of the promised health benefits of coffee , you should drink a maximum of 3 cups of coffee every day.

Coffee is still on of the most loved and popular  drinks in the world for a very good reasons.There is nothing like the aroma and blend of  flavors  of fresh-made quality coffee!

Check out these coffee shops near you !