Best Tasting Coffee – Discover Your Favorite Coffee Drink

I certainly can’t tell you what the best tasting coffee is for you. But I can tell you what coffee drinks I enjoy. Through me, you may find your new favorite drink … or the worst coffee you ever tasted. But this is all part of the process of finding the best tasting coffee for you.

Best Tasting Coffee For Me (And Maybe You)

I was well into my thirties before I ever had my first sip of coffee. I really disliked the smell. It stirred my stomach. Now I wake in the morning for that smell. But I have to be honest, it took some time.

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The Worst Drink Ever!:My first cup of coffee was from Starbucks.Now, I’m not a Starbucks hater; I enjoy a cup of joe there maybe once a week.I ordered the house brew and took a sip. No sugar. No cream.

Starbucks coffee is made for sugar-lovers … that’s why they burn it … so you can still taste some coffee even after all the sugar. When I took that first sip, it felt like someone punched me in the tongue.

Words of wisdom: If you’ve never had coffee before, Starbucks coffee black will NOT be the best tasting coffee for you.

Taking it to the home front: Once I started to develop my coffee palate, I decided to get a coffee maker. I suggest easing into the coffee world. If you think you need a coffee-maker, grinder, espresso machine, french-press immediately, you’re wrong. Take it slow.

Develop your love for coffee. I love having a grinder now because whole beans are the way to go for the best tasting coffee … though, to be honest, I still can’t always tell fresh-ground from pre-ground. Can you? Let your collection grow with you, not before you.

Best Tasting Coffee Over-the-Counter (so to speak): I like buying coffee from the grocery store. My local store also roasts their own coffee beans. I like flavored coffee like Hazelnut or Irish Cream. But I am also just as happy with a breakfast blend spiced up with a few turns of a cinnamon grinder or a sprinkle of ground cloves.

Best Tasting Coffee Gets Fancy

Since I drink the regular ol’ stuff at home, I try to get a little fancier when I go to the local coffee-house. By the way, these are also great places to buy your coffee beans, though they are usually a tad more expensive than your grocery store brands. Here are my preferred coffee-house coffee drinks:

  • Cappuccino: It took me about a year before I tried my first cappuccino and now I’m hooked. I don’t add any flavors. I enjoy an authentic cappuccino taste, the milk adds a smooth flavor. And I love that frothy texture. I really feel as if I’m in the lap of luxury when sipping on a hot cappuccino. Enjoy! It really is one of the best tasting coffees.
  • Americano: A little less fancy – made with water and espresso – the Americano has more of a standard coffee taste. But if the espresso is good, the Americano is very, very good. I like mine with just cream.

What is the Difference between Coffee and Espresso?
If you like coffee or in just about to dive in this world, understanding the difference between coffee and espresso is one of the basic things you need to know. Therefore, onto your coffee education, this article will let you get a closer look of what coffee and espresso is and what the main differences between the two are.

This way you know exactly what you are talking about when you are within a group of coffee fanatics and when you are ordering a drink.

Coffee VS … Coffee

Coffee or regular drip coffee, also known as pour-over or filtered coffee. You make regular drip coffee when you pour water over a ground, roasted coffee beans. On the other hand, espresso is a black coffee, a strong black coffee without any dairy added. You can make espresso using a unique brewing method by forcing steam through coffee beans that are finely ground.

Coffee has instant, drip coffee, brewed, decaf instant, filter, plunger and espresso. Espresso  has different types of consumption including those water-based like long black and Americano, milk-based like cappuccino, macchiato, cortado, flat white, piccolo and latte.

The Similarities

As you  already know , Espresso and coffee are made  from the same coffee beans. You can roast the coffee beans used in coffee and espresso the same way. The main difference between the two comes from the preparation methods. On that note, let us look on the brewing method for each.

Brewing Method – Coffee
In coffee, you place the ground coffee beans into a filter and let it brew in a machine. The basic method is to use hot water at around 200 degree and pour it over the ground coffee. While the water falls through the filter and the coffee, you can extract coffee flavors from the ground coffee to the water. This results to a hot pot of coffee that tastes good and soothing. Many people enjoy their coffee this way.

Brewing Preparation – Espresso
Espresso uses a method of preparation a bit different from traditional coffee. Generally, in making espresso, the coffee beans are ground to a much finer grind from what you would use in a regular coffee. After grounding the coffee beans fine, you will place it into a basked, which you will then tamp down using about 30 to 40 lbs of pressure.

You serve an espresso as if it is a shot. This way, you can quickly pull a small glass of espresso from the coffee grounds. Normally, it should only take about 15 to 20 seconds to pull water through the coffee grounds when pulling an espresso shot. If it is anyone than this, there may be an effect to the flavor of the espresso.

For every 8-ounce cup of coffee, you can get about 80 to 185 mg of caffeine depending on the kind of coffee beans used and the type of brew. On the other hand, you can get about 40 to 75 mg of caffeine in every ounce serving of espresso. These are the main differences between coffee and espresso that every coffee lover should know about.

There Might Be Benefits to Your Health!

A cup of freshly brewed coffee is already enough to have a very wonderful day ahead. Aside from its rich and tasty aroma, you will truly love having a cup of this hot beverage when you learn the benefits that it can give to your health.What many people don’t know is the fact that coffee comes with some nutrients which can significantly affect their health for better.

Researcher from the Institute for Coffee Studies indicated that coffee can be beneficial rather than harmful to your health. This institute is responsible for monitoring different coffee research programs implemented in various countries all over the world, and it discovered that there is a very little harm that people can get from drinking coffee.

Of the researches they monitored, six of the studies revealed that 80 percent of people who are taking coffee are less prone to develop Parkinson’s disease. Three of these researches unveiled that increased coffee consumption reduces the danger proportionately.

Other studies prove that taking a minimum of two cups of coffee can help a lot to reduce the risk of developing liver cirrhosis by 80 percent. It can also assist to lessen the risk of obtaining colon cancer by 25 percent.The health advantages of coffee are brought about by the coffee’s biochemical constitution. Caffeine is a form of antioxidant was found to have numerous advantageous effects on your body.

How much caffeine?

Taking a cup of freshly brewed coffee would provide you that 3 and a ½ times more caffeine compared to a cup of hot chocolate or tea.The amount of caffeine found in a cup of  joe can vary for the different types of coffee:

  • Brewed coffee contains approximately 80–135 mg caffeine per 7 oz or 207 ml
  • Drip coffee may contain up to 115–175 mg per 7 oz or 207 ml
  • Espresso will give you 100 mg caffeine only for 1.5–2 oz or 45–60 ml

Why Coffee?

coffee cup
There can be some other forms of beverages that can surprise and satisfy your taste buds, but coffee can truly make the magic. You can enjoy coffee in different ways as it can be served in various recipes. Many people love latte and espresso. Others love cappuccino and young coffee lovers go for cold coffee drinks with cream. As you can see, you can have a cup of coffee in different ways you can imagine. Drinking it will surely brighten your day and will change your mood instantly for better.

Coffee is really nutritious not just delightful.

Aside from its rich taste and aroma, you are guaranteed that it is never bad to have one, two or even three cups of it every day. Your body and health can benefit a lot from coffee. This beverage promotes healthier and longer life as it spares you from various diseases. It even increases the quality of life for everyone.

You don’t have to be in the kitchen every day to prepare a cup of coffee for yourself. If you want to enjoy coffee in more new and delightful ways, you just need to find the best local coffee shop in your area. Coffee is loved by many and it is a certainty that coffee lovers like you can find a nice place for them to go when they crave for coffee.

Surely, you will find more and more choices when it comes to a good place to sit down with your honey or friends to enjoy coffee. So what are you still waiting for? You should go on and use the tips you have found in this website to find the best coffee shop near you to visit during your break time for a cup of coffee that will keep you moving!

What is the best tasting coffee you have tried? Let us know by leaving a comment