There is No Such Thing as Espresso Beans…

… & Why Espresso Machines Are Better Than Coffee Machines

Yes, that’s right. There is no such thing as espresso coffee beans. What makes an espresso an espresso is not “espresso coffee beans”, but rather the grinding and the brewing of the coffee beans.

How to Make an Espresso:

Any type of coffee bean or level of roast is used to make espresso, though many coffee lovers prefer to roast differently for espresso as opposed to drip coffee–a darker roast works very well for espresso.

This is because a darker roasted coffee bean is less acidic, which reduces the high acidity that is usually created through the espresso brewing process. But it is a matter of preference.

The ground coffee beans for espresso have a much finer consistency than the more coarsely ground beans of regular coffee. Also, like any great coffee drink, the “espresso coffee beans” are ground to order which adds a nice sense of ritual to each espresso making occasion. . .coffee is at its best when freshly ground.

To brew this concentrated coffee drink, high pressured steam powers hot water through the finely ground coffee beans. And voila (excuse the French), now you have this Italian born beverage ready for the sipping. . .or the gulping.

retro espresso and cappuccino machine

Ever heard of   “Are Espresso Shots Bad for Me”?

When it comes to espresso shots, some people will say that espresso shots are actually damaging to your health.Some will probably  say the opposite  , so what’s the truth?

Well , like coffee, an espresso shot will give you a nice caffeine boost so you can be alert the whole day. But what is lesser known is that besides the fact that an espresso shot isn’t bad for you, it  also gives you several other benefits you would surely enjoy.

So what are the Benefits of Espresso Shots?

From improving your memory functions to losing weight, a shot of espresso is good for you, well, as long as you don’t drink too much. The main reason for the health benefits of espresso is from the anti-oxidants that coffee beans contain.

espresso shot

As mentioned before, espresso shots contain anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help in boosting your health, particularly the immune system. Anti-oxidants also help in preventing or reducing the risk of someone developing a heart disease, liver cirrhosis, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Besides these, espresso shots are not bad for you but rather beneficial by:

  • Enhancing Long-Term Memory

By taking in the right amount of caffeine by drinking espresso shots, an improved long-term memory is one of its said health benefits. They say that two shots of espresso is enough to help boost the process of memory consolidation so you can improve your long-term memory. It is important, of course, to stick to the recommended number of shots.

  • Improves Attention

This benefit of espresso is not surprise. Caffeine is beneficial in reducing symptoms of fatigue, which in turn helps in improving attention and alertness. This benefit is thanks to the effects that result from the neuro-chemical interaction triggered by caffeine in your system. In addition, coffee helps maintain a greater concentration of dopamine especially in the areas of the brain linked to attention.

  • Helps Lose Weight

One of the not so known and notable benefits of drinking coffee or espresso is that it my actually help you lose weight. Unlike other beverages, espresso is low-calorie. Assuming you don’t add cream or sugar, then a coffee does not contain calorie any more than three calories in every ounce. In addition to being low-calorie, it also helps you improve in your exercise performance as it helps in making workouts less strenuous.

These three benefits along with reducing risk in developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and Parkinson’s disease make espresso shots good for you.

So when you are asked ‘are espresso shots bad for you?’ you can confidently say that it isn’t. Of course, the idea is you drink only the right amount of coffee every day ,because just like any other thing, too much is bad for your health.

That means that drinking more than the recommended shots of espresso everyday will negate the health benefits it is supposed to give you. That being the case, make sure that you only take enough coffee, eat right and exercise regularly.


How to Drink an Espresso:

Many espresso drinkers take espresso alone in an espresso shot, or shots for those who can take the jolt. Some enjoy to stir their espresso before consumption to mix the sweetness found at the bottom of an espresso throughout the drink. Others see espresso as a layered drink and like to experience the changes with each sip. And still, many other espresso lovers enjoy their beverage blended with other liquids entirely.

Here are Some Examples of Popular Espresso Drinks:

  • Americano or Cafe Americano–Espresso with hot water.
  • Breve–Espresso with steamed half-and-half.
  • Cappuccino–Espresso with milk steamed to foam (dry cappuccino has more foam and wet cappuccino has more milk).
  • Iced Coffee–Chilled espresso over ice with milk.
  • Latte–Espresso with milk steamed to slight foam.
  • Mocha–Latte with chocolate.
  • Red Eye or Black Eye–Regular coffee with espresso shot(s).

And Finally, How to Love Espresso (as if you didn’t already know. . .)

Coffee creates its own atmosphere. Perhaps what you enjoy most about your coffee drinking experience is the aroma, or maybe its the taste, or sipping a cup with your best friend or while reading a good book; but no matter your reason for loving coffee–you are not alone. If you are an espresso lover, you are certainly not alone!
Now you know about ”Espresso Coffee Beans” and the drinks they make, you are ready to go to the local café and enjoy a cup of your own. Better yet, buy an espresso machine for your home or even learn the art of home roasting to truly experience the act of creating a great cup of coffee.

Why Caffeine Lovers Pass up the Coffee Maker for the Espresso Machine

A Romanticized Coffee Delicacy

Coffee drinkers have a plethora of choices when it comes to getting their daily caffeine intake, but many of them routinely ignore their options and go straight for the espresso machine every time. For the uninitiated, espresso is a concentrated form of coffee that comes in a shot. It is prepared by forcing almost boiling, pressurized water through finely ground coffee.

Viewed by many as a romanticized coffee delicacy, espresso traces its origins back to early 20th century Milan, Italy. It was there, in 1903, that Luigi Bezerra developed the brew. He was diligently working to find a faster way to brew his beloved coffee when he began to pressurize coffee beans and grounds. And there you have it: the story of espresso.

Loving the Crema … And More


Today, the brew is crafted by use of sophisticated espresso machines, some of the best of which are made by manufacturers such as Saeco, Rancilio and Jura. The drink that comes out of them is characterized by its thickness – espresso is usually three to four times thicker than regular coffee – and the crema. The latter refers to the reddish-brown substance that floats to the top of the drink. Crema is created by the mixing of the oils in the coffee grounds. (This process does not occur in other forms of coffee brewing.) This foam-like substance is regularly cited as the top reason why individuals prefer the drink over others.

Why do we love coffee?

There are more reasons than just the crema that compel people to fire up those espresso machines, though. Water content, the caffeine content and the flavor are often cited as top reasons for preferring the Italian beverage. Regular coffee traditionally contains an abundance of water as compared to a one ounce shot of espresso. Yet it still contains more caffeine-by-volume than most other drinks. Finally, fans of the brew love starting their day off with the bold, flavorful taste of espresso.

While the caffeine lovers use their espresso machine for a big wake up kick, others are still looking for the best coffee maker for a regular cup of coffee that won’t give them the jitters. If your looking for a regular drip coffee maker, read some of our reviews that will help you find the best coffee maker for your not-so-strong cup of joe.